Our eCommerce Publishing Projects!

ZoomDazzle owns many online eCommerce brands selling physical products via eCommece sites like Shopify and stores like Amazon. All our physical products are our own proprietary brands and we sell products all over the world. Due to piracy and copycat marketers we do not list all our brands on this website. However you can link to one of our eCommerce sites Envy Shirts – Men’s boutique shirts by clicking the link here or visiting Envy tab above.

If you need a Medcial Website or eCommerce website building, help with your own eCommerce website or more info how to sell on Amazon please contact our agency Sygma5.com or support@sygma5.com

Our Practice Marketing Expertise, Your Success! – Visit our Digital Agency Sygma5.com

For us, success is defined not by our own balance sheet, but by the business opportunity generated for our clients each year. We know firsthand the impact that well-executed strategic marketing can have on your business. Our founder, Craig Ure, started Sygma5 by ZoomDazzle with a simple premise, one that came from his challenges and successes as owner and operator of 124 Health Clubs, 3000 + Spa Clubs, 16 Medical Clinics and a Fitness equipment manufacturing company:

  • Make it easier to market your business
  • Use the power of technology and the Internet
  • Apply a systematic approach to generating qualified interest, following up on that interest and converting it into business opportunity

Craig’s online and offline Marketing systems, processes, strategies and tactics have been battle tested, tweaked and proven over 24 years in well over 5000 locations.

ZoomDazzle’s team specializes in the medical aesthetic field and offers a wealth of experience and a fresh approach to executing your Treatment Specific marketing needs.